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USA, A Taste of The American Dream.

USAThe idea of studying abroad in the USA is a coveted thing by many. Pursuing an education in the United States offers endless choices and opportunities in every imaginable field. Many students from around the world are anxious to visit America and discover what it’s all about. Watching the Hollywood movies and television shows that are out there have created a fascination in American culture.

The great thing about studying in the USA is that with the country being so vast there are so many opportunities and choices. You can elect to study in a hot and sunny southern climate, be in a dessert climate, the mountains or a place that has all four seasons.

Campus lifestyle in the USA is one of enrichment and a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. Fraternities, sororities and campus initiation are a part of American culture. Sports and academics frequently go hand in hand in many colleges and universities because sports scholarships make academic success a true possibility for many students who are gifted athletically.  Educational scholarships are abundant in this country because so many vast opportunities exist from one end of the country to the other in every imaginable field.

Students who want a busy city lifestyle with all the arts and culture that New York has to offer can have this. This is a place bustling with activity. The tuition fees and the living expenses will be greater than a school in the middle of the country in a less populated area but part of the experience is the environment and culture in which you study. Those looking for sun and sand may choose to be in a part of the USA such as California or Florida along the coast.

Many schools such as Harvard Law or Princeton as well as many others host many foreign students. The USA has a wide breadth of options for students and the budgeting varies greatly due to the size of this country. The size affords endless opportunities in rural, urban or suburban settings. Many programs exist that encompass your entire stay including tuition, meals and accommodations. Many schools have programs for students where English is their second language and at varying levels of fluency.  This country really has a lot to offer interested students and academically the education system recognizes graduates of many USA programs almost worldwide. By the Times Higher Education Supplement, of the top twenty recognized universities, the top two worldwide rankings in 2005 were USA schools (Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA.).