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New Zealand


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New Zealand, South Pacific Paradise.

New ZealandNew Zealand is a gorgeous country in the south pacific and is known for academics including ecology and its English courses throughout the world. The English program allows four options to choose from or you can do a combination of several (or all) schools in order to spend time all over this gorgeous country.

Schools in Auckland, Christchurch, Napier and Queenstown all have student accommodations and some have home stay programs where you can stay with a host family and experience New Zealand from a local perspective.

New Zealand is a breathtaking country with a large tourism presence.  It’s made up of the North Island, The South Island as well as a few smaller islands. It’s filled with mountains, volcanoes and rivers and is obviously surrounded by coastline.  There are beautiful beaches and majestic snowy peaks. This place has some incredibly gorgeous natural wonders!

There are over four million residents and a strong economy. Lately, New Zealand has become a popular place for movie and television filming including the Lord of The Rings Trilogy as well as the new Narnia movie and several television shows. Any outdoor enthusiast will marvel at the diversity of the terrain here.  You can surf, swim, snorkel and ski here all on the very same day.

New Zealand has a strong agricultural exportation business and this is a booming economy. To do a foreign exchange program or study for your degree or learning a language here is choosing paradise as your study hall.  Students around the world are taking advantage of the many academic opportunities here. 
Taking part in your studies while having adventures is part of the New Zealand experience. The school curriculum for foreign students generally accounts for plenty of rest & relaxation or for adventuring and exploration.  The cities are safe; the amenities are all there for any hobby or medical need.

Because New Zealand is relatively self-sustaining, the cost of living is comparable to or even better than the price of living in countries of comparable size. New Zealand’s thriving agricultural business has made this a wealthy country. Tuition fees for academic courses range anywhere from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00 on average per year depending on the course and institution.  Obtaining your education or studying abroad here for a short time (such as a summer or semester) is priced reasonably and the adventurer or nature lover will find their stay in New Zealand a rewarding and life changing experience.