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A Unique Schooling Experience In Japan.

JapanIf you are looking for an entirely foreign experience in studying abroad, Japan offers a world of unique opportunities. This country is steeped in historic wonders, awesome architecture, technological genius and a unique culture that’s fascinating to outsiders.  The food is sought after all around the world as excellent cuisine and the Japanese people have both fierce pride and honor but yet have humble hospitality and culture.

If you’re looking to learn to speak Japanese, Japan has many small courses that offer a great curriculum that will help you learn the language and experience the culture in a great atmosphere. If you are looking to spend a semester or a year or fulfill your entire career diploma or degree here, more and more Japanese colleges and universities are opening up their doors to embrace students from other countries.

Transfer of credits can be a sticky and complicated process but careful planning with your academic advisor well in advance is advised.  There are several Japanese schools that even teach English courses along side Japanese courses allowing classes to intermingle.  There are many opportunities for personal growth throughout this adventure and the experience of such a unique culture proves very rewarding for many scholars.  The admissions process varies depending on the school and some colleges and universities have only a limited number of places each semester for foreign students.

There are a vast number of choices in this beautiful country and not only are there foreign exchange student and home stay programs which can provide a wealth of culture but there are also varied choices including city and country institutions which offer a wide breadth of options for career and language studies.  One consideration though is that student accommodations are not abundant in largely populated cities such as Tokyo. It can be a challenge to find accommodations here in this busy and highly populated city. The education system in Japan is first class and there are high expectations for anyone admitted into the academic programs whether local or foreign.  If a student wants to work part time during their studies, they need to apply for permission but there are restrictions placed on how many hours can be worked.

Financially, the cost of living in Japan is considered on the high side for foreign students. Many organizations provide scholarships and stipends to assist students with the cost of tuition and living for their studies.  Careful budgeting while studying in Japan is a must for most students but the experience of living and studying in this culture are worthwhile according to many testimonials.