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A Learning Experience In Germany.

GermanyNative citizens of Germany believe so much in the importance of a good education that until recently, they did not charge students to attend college or university for their first degree.  Because tuitions are just being introduced in many schools, the fees are still affordable and the quality of education here is extremely high.

Germany is a very multicultural country with more than 14 million of its’ citizens being immigrants. Learning the local language is a good idea but there are also many courses available in other languages as well as advanced language courses to prepare you to learn in German.

Due to the education system being so publicly accessible, Germany just recently introduced a higher education ranking system so that students can choose their degree based on not only the curriculum but also other factors that are important to them individually.

Because Germany is considered renowned for its scientists and inventors, it is a popular place to study or complete research in these fields.  Many brilliant scientists all over the globe were educated in German schools.  The German tax system is complex and it’s a good idea if planning to live and research here for your studies, that you hire a local tax specialist to help you determine how to properly file taxes without getting tangled up in the red tape. One thing to consider is the church tax of nine percent. If you are looking to practice religion while studying or conducting research here, this is mandatory for you.

Student life in Germany offers many opportunities for sports, culture and leisure. It’s a place full of culture, history and excellent for the sports enthusiast.  Germany is a healthy place without any out of the ordinary health risks. Medical facilities offer state of the art technology. German shops prefer cash transactions but credit cards are becoming more common. Cost of living in Germany is on the higher side as there is a high standard of living Taking into account lower tuitions still make this an affordable place to learn. Germany doesn’t traditionally have campus dormitories so students need to find their own accommodations. 

Germans have a reputation for being reserved, business-like and punctual. Yet, visitors find that stereotypes aren’t all they’re chalked up to be.  Since the descent of the Berlin wall, Germany is fast becoming more multi-cultural and open-minded. It’s an intriguing place to visit and a wonderful place to obtain education or get your entire degree. Individuals who speak another language find that either two years of studying German or an advanced German language course is typically a good idea.  Studying abroad in Germany is increasing in popularity due to the curiosity about German culture and the excellent educational institutions.