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Parlez Vous Francais in France?

FranceIf you’ve made the decision to study abroad, France is an excellent and popular choice.  Experiencing the European country of France is an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s a gorgeous country and a cultured destination that offers a unique opportunity to students.

France is famous for its’ wine, cuisine, beautiful language and gorgeous landmarks.  The French people are known as cultured, sophisticated and the education system is accredited and recognized as supreme throughout the world.  Over 200,000 foreign students choose France each year to experience French culture while learning new skills. Whether choosing to study part of your education or earn your entire degree, France has many opportunities.

A benefit to educating yourself in France is that admission requirements are the same for foreign students as they are for locals so you have as much of an opportunity being accepted here as someone that was born here. This isn’t true for all countries as many only have a limited number of seats open for students from other countries or require advanced academic standings of foreign applicants.   Many courses require that you begin your course here so if you’ve completed part of your studies in another country, you need to ensure that France will recognize credit for them here. In most medical courses, for example, France’s education system requires that you begin the course here in order to be recognized as completing all courses required in the medical field.  To request a student visa, you need to contact the embassy of your home country and allow at least two weeks for an answer. Ideally, if you plan to study in France, you should begin the process a year in advance to ensure you meet all criteria.  France requires mandatory health insurance for any student under the age of 28 staying four months or longer but offers special and affordable health plans geared specifically to students.

Another benefit to studying in France is that this country has one of the lowest costs of living in Europe for students for accommodations or lodgings as well as food and entertainment. Those wanting to work part time during their stay can apply for a work permit. There are terms and conditions to this permit, which depend on the length of your stay as well as the time of year. Many grants and scholarships are available here as France encourage and welcomes foreign students and offers many services geared specifically to those wanting to study here. Whether you plan to study in the center of Paris or in the many intuitions in the gorgeous countryside, this is an excellent place to study and learn while experiencing the unique culture France has to offer.