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EnglandEngland is a country with a vast history. It’s one of the oldest countries in history and those who come here marvel at the castles and the majestic beauty of the Thames River and the historic buildings throughout London.  The English countryside is pretty and charming and this country has many places to choose to study from.

England is known globally for its’ scholarly excellence and many respected and successful business leaders in the world today were educated in England. Choosing to study abroad in England is a popular choice for many students.

England is a fairly safe city with great transportation options and accessibility for students with many superior college and university programs to choose from. Because of the status of England in the world’s opinion academically, English courses would be recognized and accredited in most countries throughout the world.  In fact many individuals who choose to obtain their degree here do so because of the prestige associated with having had a British education.

This is a popular place to study literature, law and business. This is a country with dozens of fine colleges and universities to choose from but the possibilities are limitless. From a budgeting perspective, England would be considered one of the more lavish and expensive places to study and a number of their higher learning institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge would have rigid entry requirements and high tuition fees. The cost of living is high but the standard of education and living are both excellent here.

A University such as Oxford is so highly recognized that it seems unattainable to many but this institution has a large number of options including scholarships and bursaries for high achievers.

Schools are very multicultural here and England’s cities offer much in the name of social interaction and nightlife. Campus life offers many options academically and socially. Sports, music and other enrichment programs are all encouraged here. Academically, there are vast resources and libraries for students as well as plenty of options for student accommodations.

Programs exist in several schools where you can study within the parameters of the school program in the local English language and several programs exist where you can study in your native tongue but among the locals so you can also experience the culture.

To experience the culture and life here in England would be a phenomenal experience for any student from any country.